Men around the world claim that the most rounded, and therefore, delicious ass in Brazilians. You know why. Besides the fact that they move a lot, these young ladies try to sleep on their stomachs so that the priests how to raise your testosterone level do not “flatten” during sleep.

Beautiful priests were celebrated in various arts. Roman poet Horace, giving advice to his friend, how to choose a woman for love, focused on what her how to get dbol, sorry, ass:

The ancient Greeks began to devote their sculptures to this piquant part of the female body. There is a legend about buy anavar 10mg oxandrolone tablets online how the inhabitants of a Greek city admired the butt of two sisters. The young ladies had a dispute, whose ass is still better. They decided that only a “fresh” view could resolve them. Therefore, the maidens went to the port, selected one pretty, just stranger who came ashore and pulled up their skirts in front of him. He chose an older sister and married her. Do not worry. For the youngest, the groom was also found. So this story has a happy ending.


Yes, there was a very long period in the art of closing from the eyes of any “nudity.” Of course, the ass could be seen in the pictures written in biblical scenes. But there was no such beauty, desire and grace in these priests, which were characteristic of ancient Greek sculptures. But then came the frivolous XVIII century. In this age, we women have anavar for women effects on fertitlity received a very important invention – a bidet. Rumors about this miracle came to the artists. The 18th century became the record holder for paintings that depicted (of course where do get anavar, very aesthetically) the washing of the priests. It was the work of the photographer Eybourne.

In the XXI century, the Chilean artist Catalina Routhort decided to prove to everyone that the priest is our bright personality. In 2003, an exhibition of photos of naked buttocks of 600 people was held at the Buenos Aires Art Center Recoleta. The names of the people in the images are not indicated – at the bottom of each photo there is only a bar code with the ID card number, but in one of the photos there are also the buttocks of the artist herself. The exhibition was called “Carne de Identidad”, which literally translated from Spanish means “Flesh of the personality”. The title bears the phrase “identity card”, in Spanish it will be “carnet de identidad”.


From October 3, 2007 to January 6, 2008, the Madrid Fund Fundacion Canal held an exhibition called “Ocultos” (“Hidden”). It presented the work of 67 photographers how to buy cialis viagra levitra online, which depicted the buttocks. Among the authors of the pictures are which hormone works to lower blood glucose? such legendary people as Robert Capa, Man Ray, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Mapplethorpe. The project organizers accompanied the exhibition with a commentary in which the buttocks are called “the subject of worship of our society.”

Like this! And we sit on them !!!

She would have liked it …



Irina how to get cialis without a prescription Tikhomirova, a wonderful aerobics and aquafitness coach, lives in our city. Her books have helped make the figure perfect for many young ladies. In order not to reinvent the wheel, I will quote excerpts from Irina’s book Aqua-Fitness. You don’t need a coach! ”[1 – I. Tikhomirova. Aquafitnes. You don’t need a coach! – SPb. : Peter, 2005. – 125 s. ].

Which is better: aquafitness or swimming?

What is the advantage of aquafitness male dose anavar before swimming? Diversity and accessibility. Do water gymnastics can those who can not swim. For many, aqua aerobics is a more effective type of exercise, because, unlike swimming, where the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle mainly work, different groups of muscles can be involved in aqua aerobics classes. At the same time, all movements in aquafitness are very simple and clear. Learning to swim well is much more difficult than learning how to perform aqua exercises correctly.

How are water activities different from land activities?

Exercises that seem impossible to perform in a normal environment become easy and accessible in water, even for those who have health problems. In many ways, because the pool is a very comfortable anavar dianabol stack place for training. Being engaged in the gym, we perform physical exercises mainly in front of mirrors. They help to control the correctness of the execution of movements. Thus, when we move, everyone can see our faults where to buy real viagra online in the technique of execution. This can confuse us and lead to inaccuracies in the performance of movements, an increase in the risk of injury, and psychological discomfort to the lesson. As a result, interest in physical training will decrease. In water, imperfections and awkwardness in movements are hidden from prying eyes. This makes it possible to feel more relaxed in class, concentrate on the exercises and thus easier to cope with the load. Ultimately, the positive effect of training will be higher. Regular water activities will help to improve physical fitness and coordination of movements dragon age anavar, which will have a long-term positive effect on self-esteem and psychological state of the students.

Aquatraning: how is it done how to make anavar?

Occupation can last from 15 minutes to an hour. Standing on the chest in the water, you perform almost the same exercises as on land: running, jumping, leads and ghosts, lifting arms and legs. Water training can be done both independently and under the guidance of a coach. The trainer stands on land or in water with the practitioners and shows the exercises. As a rule, all movements are performed under slow music, with the help of which a constant, necessary for effective work level of heart rate, or counting, is maintained anavar decrease shbg throughout the session. But if you know what exercises to do and are not afraid of water, then you don’t need a trainer. Do it yourself and as long as you see fit. In this case, do not forget that, like any sporting activity, training in water begins with a warm-up, then the main part is held, including jumping, running, other active movements, strength exercises. Training ends stretching.

As with any other form of physical training, it is necessary to determine the individual level of exercise when labmax thread anavar practicing aqua-fitness. Indicator of well-being can be your feelings after class. You should not feel squeezed like a lemon. It is desirable to feel just pleasant fatigue.


Modern aqua aerobics is significantly different from what it was before. In the past, she wore a rather benign, rehabilitative nature. Now water aerobics is one of the most popular areas of fitness. It is much more intensive and more liquid anavar or pill form focused, mainly due to the use of special equipment. We use dumbbells, special elastic bands, weights for arms and legs, step platforms for swimming pools. Special rubber boots are worn on the feet, which help to avoid a possible slip when touching the tiled floor of the pool. To speed up the achievement of visible results, aqua aerobics are best combined with other types of physical activity on land, such as hiking at an accelerated pace.